01st April, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. An athlete participates in Olympics for personal triumph and nation’s glory; victors are showered with cash incentives by various agencies, on their return. Discuss the merit of state sponsored talent hunt and its cultivation as against the rationale of a reward mechanism as encouragement.

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  • Neha Jha

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    The way a player is treated after winning any medal in Olympics by rewarding them with cash incentives by various agencies is a way to motivate him/her and other struggling sportsman in our country. They are introduced to the glamour world and are offered the brand ambassadors role by many advertisement companies.
    Merit of the State Sponsored talent:
    1. The sports authority could find the local talent and train them to represent nationally.
    2. It gives the equal opportunity to the less wealthy sportsperson to show their sports skills.
    3. It promotes the sports sector in the state.
    4. It brings the transparency and predictability in the selection of the player.
    5. It can motivate more and more players from different sports to participate in their interested sports which can also result in the participation of more sports personality representing India internationally.
    The reward earned by athlete after victory could be used to purchase the better sports equipments , promoting the regional
    talent and in hiring the better trainer. For ex- MC Mary Com and Vijender Singh of the boxing, has opened there sports academy in their respective states. India being the world’s second largest populous country has the 55th rank in the last Olympic, which shows the need of improvement in nurturing our talent to world class level.

  • ms arshi

    We have read in management principle where we create synergy while coinciding goal of an employee with the objective of the organization only then the organization prosper effectively and efficiently and due to this the task become easier to achieve at the lowest possible cost. Here in this case the nation must act as a manager who nurture the talent best possible way. Only then the nation will be able to achieve at par.
    In todays era where sports have utmost importance in fact these days sports has been taking as of the important tool to measuring the presence in the world. Any international sports events is nothing less than promotional events to tell the world we are no less than you.