02nd January, 2017 (Prelims)

Revise 10 questions everyday from Prelims Past Papers (2015 to 1979)

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Today’s 10 questions from 1987 GS-1 Prelims Paper [Questions 71 to 80]

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Q71. Ozone layer of atmosphere absorbs

(a) Ultraviolet rays

(b) Infrared rays

(c) All radiations of light

(d) Cosmic rays


Q72. Which of the following is a conventional source of energy ?

(a) Geothermal

(b) Hydropower

(c) Solar

(d) Wind


Q73. Which of the following was the first to escape out of solar system ?

(a) Pioneer 10

(b) Voyager I

(c) Voyager II

(d) Soyuz


Q74. Acceleration due to gravity on moon is 0.166 times than that on the earth. A man weighing 60 kg on earth would weigh _______ kg on moon.

(a) 16.6 kg

(b) 30 kg

(c) 60 kg

(d) 10 kg


Q75. Resistance of a 100 watt bulb is R1 and that of a 60 watt bulb is R2. Which of the following is correct ?

(a) R1/R2 > 1

(b) R1/R2 < 1

(c) R1/R2 = 1

(d) Data is inadequate


Q76. Plants take nitrogen in the form of

(a) Nitrites

(b) Ammonia

(c) Nitrates

(d) Element


Q77. A man coming down on a lift leaves a ball from his hand. The ball will

(a) Go up

(b) Fall down

(c) Remain stationary with respect to man

(d) Oscillate up and down


Q78. The stars receive their energy from which of the following ?

(a) Chemical reaction

(b) Nuclear Fusion

(c) Nuclear Fission

(d) Gravitational pull


Q79. Reading of the barometer going down is an indication of

(a) Storm

(b) Rainfall

(c) Snow

(d) Intense heat


Q80. Which of the following is used in diesel engine ?

(1) Cylinder

(2) Spark Plug

(3) Piston

(a) 1, 2 and 3

(b) 1 and 2

(c) 2 and 3

(d) 1 and 3

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