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Q1. Public servants are likely to confront with the issues of “Conflict of Interest”. What do you understand by the term “Conflict of Interest” and how does it manifest in the decision making by public servants? If faced with the conflict of interest situation how would you resolve it? Explain with the help of examples.  

[10marks/2015/GS-4] 150 words.

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  • Kamlesh Twari

    Meaning: It is a conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of the public servant.

    Examples of manifestation in decision making:
    1.A public servant hires his brother-in-law to provide catering services to the government canteen.
    2.A male public servant dates a female employee who reports to him.
    3.A relative or close friend reports to a public servant who affects their job responsibilities, pay, and promotions.

    Ways to resolve conflict of interest:
    1.Where there may be a conflict of interest an independent third party can be appointed to oversee the integrity of the process.
    2.When a public servant possesses an interest which conflicts with the duties of his office he should immediately dissociate himself of that interest, secure his removal from the duties in question, or obtain the authorisation of his superior to continue to discharge the duties.

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