03rd March, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. Mushrooming of Higher Educational Institutions was a matter of grave concern for Yashpal Committte. With reference to the relevant portion of that report give your views how to harmonise private investment and quality of education. [15marks/2009/GS-2] 150 words.

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  • ravi

    Number of deemed universities has been increasing and not all of them have been providing quality education.Education must not be looked upon as a business but As a sincere philanthropic and social responsibility with a view of giving back to the society. What has been an increasing trend is the opening of private universities by a family or trust and their closest members holding vital ranks such as VC, Pro VC etc. Regular Inspections of these Universities also have been covered up by immediate steps and workarounds.There is a dire need to harmonize private investment in these universities not in getting paid credits,accreditations but by making sure the money is spent in better resources and research as well as innovation.Money needs to be spent on Incubation for young entrepreneurs .What can be a better solution is that clubbing many such private universities and making an autonomous larger body. Another solution can be appointment of permanent Government representatives in the boards of these universities so that the functioning can be watched upon regularly.