04th December, 2015 (MAINS)


Q1. What does ethics seek to promote in human life? Why is it all the more important in public administration?

[10marks/2014/GS-4] 150 words.

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  • Nikhil Singh

    Ethics promotes:
    1. Good conduct by helping individuals and societies to distinguish between right and wrong.
    2. Logical and rational criteria to reach a decision.
    3. Well-being at intra-personal level by promoting internal satisfaction.
    4. Well-being at inter-personal level by reducing trust deficit and encouraging mutually beneficial relationship.
    5. A moral framework which we can follow in times of difficulties.

    Importance of Ethics in public administration:
    1. It focuses on how the administrator should question and reflect in order to act responsibly.
    2. Decisions of an administrator must be based on ethical principles which people can view as correct.
    3. A vast administrative area cannot be controlled by formal laws where code of ethics comes into picture.
    4. It should be successfully practised to promote transparency of government.
    5. It is a moral justification and consideration for decisions made during the completion of daily duties.

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