04th March, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. Project `Mausam’ is considered a unique foreign policy initiative of the Indian Government to improve relationship with its neighbours. Does the project have a strategic dimension? Discuss.

[12.5marks/2015/GS-2] 200 words.

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  • Aniruddh Shrivastava

    Project Mausam, Union government initiative, aiming to ameliorate socio-economic relations with neighborhood,is basically consequential counter reaction of China led Maritime Silkroad Initiative.

    Background: China, which has emerged as one of largest economies in recent decades, has been establishing its infrastructure and improving resource productivity assiduously, is now facing downturn due to global economic crisis. Mainly it has observed less FDI and import orders from EU and US. Also because of south china sea dispute, China’s relations became bitter with Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan. In order to sustain and maintain its image,china is seeking opportunities in Eurasia and south asean countries.As this maritime silk road covers a large area of Indian ocean.India is concerned about it’s unilateral monopoly over Indian Ocean.

    India had 2 options-1)Work together with China, let’em gain presence in Indian ocean and reap the collateral economic benefits from this project. which India can’t , because India is facing trade deficit with china and in long run this “one belt one road” initiative will mainly benefit china.

    2)Don’t work with China, and prevent Chinese influence in Indian Ocean. Impetuously, India announced Project Mausam in September 2014.

    Project Mausam : It is inspired by India’s historical role as the focal point for trade in the Indian Ocean .However, In this project There is less clarity in policy circles on how to respond to the OBOR. India should adopt same strategy and open up trade linkages with central and west and south Asia ,Chabahar port in Iran is example of this