04th March, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. In the Context of recent incidents, suggest measures on how security of passengers and property can be improved over Indian Railways.

[15marks/2009/GS-3] 150 words.

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  • ravi

    “Indian Railways is the biggest network of public transport in the world.” This fact thus speaks for itself the need,policies and efforts needed to develop, maintain and improve it.The Government needs to realize and act towards ensuring safety of its citizen. There can be various ways of doing that:
    1. Learning from previous mistakes- Much can be learnt by analyzing and studying the cause effect of the previous accidents and test cases can be made to implement policies specific to those .
    2. Reporting,redressal and study of “ near misses “ and safety violations by the railways.
    3. Analyzing the Cost to performance issue – Government needs to analyze the investment and budget allocation amongst the various fields such as development , maintainance.
    4. Proper maintenance- Often the cause of rail accidents is shabby and damaged railway tracks so government has to focus on maintainance.
    5. Many a times the reports are treated as confidential documents and in general the citizens don’t get a bigger picture of the LESSONS learnt about the incidents happening so the Publishing a detailed report of the accidents which should have the root cause the flaws and steps taken to rectify those in a brief form.
    6. Replacement of conventional Heavier Coaches with Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches.