04th November, 2016 (CSAT)


Directions (Q. 1) : In the following question, a statement is given followed by two conclusion I and II. Give answer:

(a) Only conclusion I follows

(b) Only conclusion II follows

(c) Either I or II follows

(d) Neither I nor II follows

1. Statement : Company X has a record of manufacturing

cameras of quality and the latest design so that you do not

spoil even a single shot irrespective of the weather conditions.

I. No other company except X is reputed in the camera industry.

II. Anyone can take an acceptable shot with camera X.


Directions (Q. 2) : In the following question a statement is given followed by two assumptions numbered I and II consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions implicit. Give answer :

(a) Only assumption I is implicit

(b) Only assumption II is implicit.

(c) Either I or II is implicit

(d) Both I and II are implicit

2. Statement: “I would like to study the impact of pay revision on job satisfaction of employees”, – A tells B


I. Job satisfaction can be measured.

II. A has necessary competence to undertake such study

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