05th December, 2015 (MAINS)


Q1. Taxila university was one of the oldest universities of the world with which were associated a number of renowned learned personalities of different disciplines. Its strategic location caused its fame to flourish, but unlike Nalanda, it is not considered as a university in the modern sense. Discuss. [10marks/2014/GS-4] 150 words.

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  • Umesh Sachin

    Reasons why Taxila University is not considered as a university in the modern sense unlike Nalanda:
    1. Taxila was mainly associated with teaching of Vedic literature and art skills like archery and hunting.
    2. But Nalanda taught various disciplines including astronomy, mathematics, politics and different branches of sciences.
    3. Due to limited appeal of offered disciplines Taxila attracted students only from Indian janpadas and adjoining areas.
    4. Nalanda had students coming from Tibet, Turkey and Persia.
    5. Taxila depended on rulers aid for expenditure.
    6. Nalanda got revenues from 100 villages, make it an independent institution.
    7. Taxila had no centralized system of schooling or syllabus. The education system was flexible and could be modified according to the students capabilities.
    8. Whereas Nalanda had ideal teacher-student ratio in modern terms and offered dormitories for students, meditation room, a big library, separate classrooms for different disciplines and grades, required in full developed university. Taxila lacked all these facilities.

    • http://shashidthakur23.blog.com Shashi Thakur

      Good answer.