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Q1. How can the Digital India program help farmers to improve farm productivity and income? What step has the government taken in this regard? [12.5marks/2015/GS-3] 200 words.

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  • DVM

    As per the census of 2011 the population of India has reached a mark of around 1.21 billion, with the majority of it’s population resides in rural areas. As per the socio-economical caste census 2011 more than 60% of the population still depends upon the agricultural sector for their sustenance. In order to Feed such a huge population and develop inclusively there is urgent need to focus on the reform process of agricultural sector.
    The government of India has initiated the Digital India program in order to increase the penetration of e-governance to the grass root level. the major focus of Digital India program are as follows :
    1. Provide the people with Digital Infrastructure for their various utilities.
    2. Provide the people with the facility of digital locker which will help in keeping the various documents in digital format like Birth & death certificate,Mark sheet and other government documents etc.
    3. JAM(Jana-Dhan, Adhaar and Mobile) trinity to increase the people participation in formal banking and also help in curbing the menace of corruption by bringing more accountability and transparency.
    4. Empowering the Farmers by providing them the various services at their doorsteps with the help of e-governance etc.

    In India it’s been rightly said that the farmer is one who feeds the entire nation by keeping his and his families stomach empty, In order to improve the condition of farmers and to empower him the government has initiated Digital India in addition to other existing schemes which will not only help in Increasing e-governance but will also help in increasing the efficiency of other schemes like MGNREGA,DPAP,ICDS and Irrigation schemes etc . Digital India programme will help in increasing the farmers farm productivity and Income in below ways:

    1. SOIL HEALTH CARD : Soil Heath card scheme will help in accessing the productivity of soil by computing the NPK content of soil which will help the farmers to make judicious use of fertilizers which will also help in reducing the scourge of salination and eutrophication.
    2. DIGITIZATION OF LAND RECORDS: The programme will help in digitization of land records which will help in proper planning and also help in reducing the disputes over lands.
    3. MOBILE TECHNOLOGY: With the use of USSD technology the farmers should be made aware of various factors which were helpful for him in deciding the crop for cultivation like weather condition,Rainfall Pattern.Prices for Different crops in Market, best farming practices etc.
    4. JAM TRINITY: The government provides various subsidies to farmers the Use of JAM trinity will help in reducing the menace of corruption and will help in increasing the transparency and accountability. It will also help in providing the grant in aids which were given during the condition of drought,floods or other natural calamities.

    The above are the some of the initiatives taken by the government but there is further need to increase the efforts by increasing the penetration of Digital India Programme in rural ares, by connecting all Gram Panchayat with high speed internet connection with the help of national optical fiber network programme. There is further need to increase awareness among the rural people by actively engaging various NGO’s,educational Institutions etc. There is need to focus on research in Agricultural sector which will not only help in increasing agricultural productivity but will also help in conserving various natural resources like water and soil. There is need to increase the penetration of scheduled Financial Institutions which will not only help in providing the farmers with the required capital but also will help in removing the farmer from the vicious cycle of debt due to high interest charged by local money lenders.
    In order to develope inclusively and sustainability and to achieve the goal of equality and fraternity as enshrined in the constitution on India there in urgent need to focus on the issues of farmers. This task can be achievable with the use of Digital India programme and other initiative taken by the government.

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  • Umesh Sachin

    2015 mains question solved:
    Q1.How can the Digital India program help farmers to improve farm productivity and income? What step has the government taken in this regard?
    Answer: Digital India is an initiative by the Government of India to ensure that Government services are made available to citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity.
    It will help the farmers in the following ways:

    1.It will give farmers the technology using GPRS, Remote sensing systems and also geo imaging services like google earth to obtain information related to crop failure patterns, assessment of drought patterns, and impact on crop cover due to pests so as to use it to improve farming techniques.
    2.Using internet and other electronic forms of communication, famers can be alerted about the weather and storms or heat waves if any beforehand so that they can prepare themselves better.
    3.Since their accounts are linked to their PAN numbers, all benefits that are to be given to the farmers can be directly transferred to their accounts without any leakages in between.
    4.The internet which is to be transferred to the villages via fibre optic cables will allow farmers access to information so that they use it for societal benefit as well as for enhancing their knowledge. Plus technical know-how can be exported.

    Steps taken by the government in this regard:
    1.Government has allocated Rs. 200 crore for three years to set up an online national agriculture market by integrating 585 wholesale markets across India.
    2.Unifying the markets both at state and the national level would provide better price to farmers, improve supply chain, reduce wastages and create a unified national market through provision of the common e—platform.
    3.The Rs 200 crore allocations includes provision for supplying software free of cost by agriculture department to the states and UTs and for cost of related hardware/ infrastructure to be subsidised by the Centre up to Rs 30 lakh per Mandi (other than for private mandis).

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