06th November, 2016 (Prelims)

Revise 10 questions everyday from Prelims Past Papers (2015 to 1979)

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Today’s 10 questions from 1991 GS-1 Prelims Paper [Questions 101 to 110]

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Q101 Betterment levy is imposed by the government because

(a) Of the improvement in soil/land quality as a result of irrigational facilities provided by the government

(b) Of improved industrial production due to various infrastructural facilities provided by the government

(c) Of increased capacity utilisation due to electricity supplied by State Electricity Boards

(d) Of increased raw material imports possible due to availability of foreign currency provided by the government


Q102 Holding of election for the Panchayats is decided by

(a) The District Magistrate

(b) Constitutional mandate

(c) The State government

(d) The Election Commission


Q103 In India diamonds are quarried from

(a) Golconda

(b) Jaipur

(c) Ratnagiri

(d) Panna


Q104 The chemical name of ‘Aspirin’ is

(a) Acetyl cynamide

(b) Acetyl salicylic acid

(c) Benzyl salicylate

(d) Tartaric acid


Q105 “English men are more efficient partly by upbringing, partly by race and partly by education”. Who said this?

(a) Rippon

(b) Lord Curzon

(c) Minto

(d) Dufferin


Q106 Largest producer of diamond and gem in the world is

(a) Zaire

(b) South Africa

(c) Botswana

(d) Ghana


Q107 Which one of the following archaeologists initially discovered the Mohanjedaro site of the Indus valley civilisation?

(a) Sujohu Marshall

(b) Daya Ram Sahni

(c) Rakhal Das Banerji

(d) Sir Mortimer Wheeler


Q108 Which one of the following is not a satellite of Jupiter?

(a) Io

(b) Callisto

(c) Europa

(d) Titan


Q109 Rainfall on the east coast of Tamil Nadu occurs during October to November due to

(a) Winter monsoon

(b) Retreating south-west monsoon

(c) North-west monsoon

(d) Local winds


Q110 The main objective of the Eighth Finance Commission was

(a) To suggest new pay scales for Central and State government employees

(b) To suggest measures to increase tax income to the government

(c) To suggest the basis of distribution of Income tax, Excise duties and Levy duties proceeds between various States

(d) To suggest the basis of providing financial help/assistance to small scale industries

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