07th September, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. There is no formation of deltas by rivers of the Western Ghat. Why?

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  • Deepak Tomar

    1. Delta is a land form created by sediments of large rivers at its mouth.
    Unlike, Himalayan rivers, rivers originate from Western Ghats do not form Deltas because:
    2. Rivers of Western Ghats flow through peninsular plateau, which has hard rock surface and lacks alluvial material. So rivers don’t carry large amount of sediments to be deposited at their mouths.
    3. They receive less amount of rainfall compared to Himalayan Rivers, some of them non-perennial in nature.
    4. East flowing rivers flow through relatively shallow and eroded valley, hence unable to produce large amount of sediments.
    5. West flowing rivers of Western Ghats are small streams, flow rapidly from steep slopes and merged into Arabian Sea covering very short distance. They can form estuaries and not deltas.