08th January, 2017 (Prelims)

Revise 10 questions everyday from Prelims Past Papers (2015 to 1979)

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Today’s 10 questions from 2008 GS-1 Prelims Paper [Questions 131 to 140]

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Q131. Which of the following industries was affected most due to partition ?

(a) Cotton and jute

(b) Small scale industries

(c) Steel industries

(d) Tea and cotton


Q132. Montague – Chelmsford Reforms relate to

(a) Dyarchy

(b) Communalism

(c) Provincial autonomy

(d) None of the above


Q133. The cure for which of the following diseases exists ?

(a) Blood cancer

(b) Hepatitis-B

(c) Breast Cancer

(d) Lung Cancer


Q134. ELISA test is prescribed for

(a) AIDS

(b) Typhoid

(c) Polio

(d) Cancer


Q135. Which of the following is a living fossil ?

(a) Blue green algae

(b) Green algae

(c) Fungus

(d) Ginkgo


Q136. Match the columns :

(A) West Bengal (i) Alpana

(B) Maharashtra (ii) Rangoli

(C) Tamil Nadu (iii) Pahari

(D) Rajasthan (iv) Kolam

(a) A-(i) B-(ii) C-(iii) D-(iv)

(b) A-(iv) B-(iii) C-(ii) D-(i)

(c) A-(i) B-(ii) C-(iv) D-(iii)

(d) A-(ii) B-(i) C-(iv) D-(iii)


Q137. Photosynthesis generally occurs in which portions of the plant ?

(a) Leaf and other chloroplast bearing parts

(b) Steam and leaf

(c) Roots an chloroplast bearing parts

(d) Bark and leaf


Q138. Which of the following varieties are correctly matched to their respective plant types ?

(A) CHS-I (i) Rice

(B) IR-8 (ii) Wheat

(C) RR-21 (iii) Jowar

(D) HB-4 (iv) Sugarcane

(v) Bajra

(a) A-(iii) B-(i) C-(ii) D-(v)

(b) A-(v) B-(iv) C-(iii) D-(ii)

(c) A-(ii) B-(iii) C-(v) D-(i)

(d) A-(i) B-(iii) C-(iv) D-(ii)


Q139. Which of the following countries has highest per capita income ?

(a) U.S.A.

(b) Saudi Arabia

(c) Denmark

(d) Kuwait


Q140. The National Policy on Education provides for opening of residential schools named ‘Navodaya Vidyalayas’ for the talented children. How many such Vidyalayas were sanctioned in 1986-87?

(a) 60

(b) 81

(c) 101

(d) 150

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