09th August, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. Swachh Bharat Programme is one of the flagship programmes of the government. It envisages investment from central government, state government, local bodies and private players. A pro-active District Magistrate of a city wants to implement the programme in its true spirit and issues an order to mobilize requisite funds for the same without waiting for government funds to be released. The District Magistrate, by the use of the powers of his office, directed all the schools and colleges of the district to collect Rupee one each from all the students and teachers every month and Rs. 10/- from every shopkeeper of the city per month for a Swachh Baharat Fund for the district. However, certain sections in the administration and public found this decision inconvenient and complained high handedness on the part of the District Magistrate while some saw this measure as a means to get unaccounted money. In response to public interest litigation the court put a stay on the directives given by the District Magistrate. The District Magistrate was disappointed by the fate of an innovative idea meant for the success of a flagship programme.

(a) Instead of winning support from his colleagues in administration and public, the District Magistrate came under suspicion and was misunderstood. What went wrong?

(b) Should he continue the effort to steer ahead the programme or quit?

(c) If he decides to proceed ahead, how should he pursue the innovative idea and make it more acceptable?
[20marks] 250 words.

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