09th February, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. People with strong emotional intelligence are more likely to succeed than those with high IQs or relevant experience. Discuss. What steps would you take to recruit emotionally intelligent personnel in your organization?

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  • Girish

    Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify ,assess and control the emotion of oneself and groups.
    there are 4 steps to succeed at work and achieve our career and personal goals through EI,, Person should possess
    1. (self awareness) he recognise his own emotion and how they affect his thought and behaviour , know his strenth and weakens and have self confidence
    2. (self management ) he must able to control impulsive feeling and behaviour , he should manage his emotion in healthy way ,take initiates ,follow through on commitments ,and adopt to changing circumstances
    ex. when politician shout at media people this show that he is in unable to control his emotion
    3. (social Awareness )he can understand the emotion , needs of other people and concern of other people , pick up emotional clue, feel comfortable socially and recognise the power dynamics in group or orgnization or company
    4. (Relation ship Managements ) he know how to develop and maintain good relation ship,communicate clearly ,inspire and influence other , work well in team and manage conflicts
    thus E I helps in building strong relationship in work,career, goals and in life also.

  • Girish

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