09th June, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. St. Xavier Higher Secondary School is well known for its strict disciplinary practices in the city. Mr. John is the new Physical Education Teacher who joined the school a few months back. The school’s disciplinary actions have been effective especially when it comes to the use of drugs, no second chance is given to the student and summarily dismissed from the school. Mr. John is assigned as the in-charge of the disciplinary committee. The previous school where Mr. John worked adopted a more inclusionary discipline approach rather than punitive measures followed in St. Xavier School.

Kamal, a student from St. Xavier School was caught having drugs in his possession. Mr. John realizes that Kamal will be immediately suspended, as per the policies of the School. Mr. John, being in-charge of the disciplinary committee, talked to the class teacher of Kamal and learns that the boy is in distress. Kamal’s father left home leaving his mother and 2 younger siblings on their own. Kamal works part-time job to assist his mother. After going through the investigation, John prepares the paperwork for Kamal’s dismissal from the school. John realizes that, if suspended, it will be the end of Kamal’s education and he may lose his part-time job and a great pressure may befall their family. Meanwhile, John receives a call from the Principal demanding the paperwork to be finished soon and he feels upset about it. Explain the ethical dilemmas in this situation. What will be best possible way to deal with this situation? [25marks] 250 words.

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