09th October, 2016 (Prelims)

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Todays 10 questions from 1993 GS-1 Prelims Paper [Questions 121 to 130]

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Q121 Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

List I List II

(Characterstics) (Animal)

I. Wingless insect (A) Kiwi

II. Flightless bird (B) Silver fish

III. Limbless reptile (C) Turtle

IV. Limbless animal (D) Snake

(E) Fish


(a) I-A, II-C, III-B, IV-E

(b) I-B, II-A, III-D, IV-E

(c) I-B, II-A, III-C, IV-D

(d) I-C, II-A, III-D, IV-B


Q122 Three communicable diseases prevalent in developing countries caused by unsafe drinking water and bad sanitation are

(a) acute diarrhoea, cancer and gout

(b) malaria, acute diarrhoea and schistosomiasis

(c) onchocerciasis, leukaemia and arthritis

(d) rheumatism, malaria and AIDS


Q123 Which one of the following approaches comes under the category of biotechnology?

(a) Use of living organisms or substances obtained from them in industrial processes

(b) Modernizing the commercial industries to produce products for use in biological research

(c) Use of modern technology to investigate biological disorders

(d) Use of industrial technology to increase the biosphere


Q124 Which one of the following seeds can benefit a patient of diabetes mellitus by normalizing his blood sugar level?

(a) Coriander seeds

(b) Mustard seeds

(c) Cumin seeds

(d) Fenugreek seeds


Q125 Scratching eases itching because

(a) it removes the outer dust in the skin

(b) it kills the germs

(c) it stimulates certain nerves which direct the brain to increase the production of antihistaminic chemicals

(d) it suppresses the production of enzymes which cause itching


Q126 Haemophilia is a hereditary disease carried by

(a) females and expressed by females

(b) females and expressed by males

(c) males and expressed by females

(d) males and expressed by males


Q127 The blood pressure values of four persons are given below :

1. Mrs. X : 90/60

2. Mr. X : 160/120

3. Mr. Y : 120/80

4. Mrs. Y : 140/100

Who among the following has normal blood pressure?

(a) Mrs. X

(b) Mr. X

(c) Mrs. Y

(d) Mr. Y


Q128 Biofilms are

(a) colour films used by biologists to photograph living organisms

(b) photomicrographs of microorganisms from various habitats

(c) accumulations of microorganisms at surfaces such as those of a rock, a tooth or an oil droplet

(d) photographic films made through fermentation processes of certain industrial microorganisms


Q129 Which one of the following does provide the best estimate of world’s biological diversity ?

(a) Of about ten million species probably alive today, some 20 species are lost everyday, most of them unknown because no more than half a million have yet been actually identified by scientists

(b) Of about thirty million living species, some 50 are lost everyday, most of them unknown because no more than one million have been actually identified

(c) Of about forty five million living species, some 100 are lest every day, most of them unknown because no more than 1.5 million have been actually identified

(d) Of about seventy five million living species, some 500 are lost every day, most of them unknown because no more than 3 million have been actually identified


Q130 In many developing countries, three major causes of death and disease are

(a) lack of safe drinking water, increasing use of pesticides and thinning of the ozone layer

(b) contaminated food, global warming and industrial chloro-fluoro-carbons

(c) polluted air, greenhouse effect and soil erosion

(d) dirty water, contaminated food and polluted air

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