10th February, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. Discuss the advantage and security implications of cloud hosting of servers vis-a-vis in-house machine-based hosting for government businesses.

[12.5marks/2015/GS-3] 200 words.

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  • Ashi Agarwal

    Ans: The term “cloud hosting” is the business of providing server space, web services and file maintenance for websites controlled by
    companies or individuals that do not have their own web servers. It has diverse applications and advantages in terms of convenience i.e. data
    can be accessed anywhere through internet. Security will be high as the data can be secured and makes it harder for hawkers to access it.
    Backup will always be there in case a local computer crashes. Work can be collaborated as others can view and modify the documents
    stored. It is also environment friendly in a way that it takes fewer resources to cloud compute and thus saves energy. Overall, there will be
    storage and scalability, backup and disaster recovery, mobility, and cost efficiency.
    Despite the security benefits that are typically associated with cloud hosting, there are also legitimate concerns with how safely the data is
    stored and it can not be breached. Therefore, considering the above mentioned facts, the usage of cloud hosting in government businesses is
    not that safe because security makes it harder to breach but not impossible for hackers to reach to the data. A bigger concern is that if the
    servers where the data is stored, the government information can be exposed to the world.