10th January, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. How do the virtues of trustworthiness and fortitude get manifested in public service? Explain with examples [10marks/2015/GS-4] 150 words.

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  • Surabhi Gupta

    2015 mains question solved:
    •It is the quality of a person or a thing that inspires reliability.
    •A trustworthy person is someone in whom one can place one’s trust and rest assured that the trust shall not be betrayed.
    •A person can “prove” their trustworthiness by fulfilling an assigned responsibility and as an extension of that, by not letting down expectations.
    A trustworthy public servant keeps the organization secrets with himself even if he/she is offered a bribe to reveal the same.

    •It refers to strength of a person in the face of adversity or difficulty.
    •When someone has fortitude it means that they have emotional power or the ability to withstand adversity.
    •People who have fortitude are described in an admiring way for their courage.
    A fireman rushing into a burning building in order to save lives, knowing that there is a very good chance he will not come out alive, is indeed an instance of fortitude.

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      good thing is that you are maintaining word limit.. keep it up….

  • DVM

    With the Increase in the Rate of Literacy and rise in the awareness among the people about their rights and duties the Indian society is becoming more and more dynamic and participative in the democratic process of development. The various Factors like Right to Information Act, Proliferation of Print, social and electronic media helped in Increasing the awareness among the people which made the Public services more and more transparent and accountable to the people. In order to meet these demand and to develop the more dynamic public services the virtues of Trustworthiness and fortitude play an important role. below are the Importance of the Trustworthiness and Fortitude in Public services:

    1. As a civil servent the person has to be trustworthy means one can trust his credibility as well as reliability while disclosing any fact or information which might be helpful in the better organizational performance or might related to other facts which if disclosed might leads to disastrous consequences.
    2. In order to overcome the various situations like Socioeconomic, Law and order, or other issues the trustworthiness of public services and it’s servents play a crucial role by reposing faith in general people or to his/her subordinates to disclose the information which will be kept secret and dealt appropriately.
    3. By adopting the principle of trustworthiness in the work culture the person can gain the confidence of his subordinates as well as higher-ups which will not only help in reducing various conflicts but also will help in somewhat penetrating this values in the organization. below are the examples of trustworthiness in public services:
    -By keeping the names of the whistle-blowers secret and not disclosing any information where the life of the person or property is in jeopardy.
    - By keeping the name of eyewitness in criminal cases secret.
    -By keeping the name of employees secret who complained about the misdeeds of their higher ups etc.

    1. Fortitude refers to the strength of the person not only physical but mental which will help him/her while making various decisions while performing his/her duties.
    2. The civil servent should possess the Fortitude in order to effectively perform his duty as there are and always will be pressures from the different quarters which might bogged him down.
    3. The strength of a one person can help in boosting the strength in others as it will be strength given to them by the law of the land which is nothing but the constitution.
    4. The fortitude will help in making the person trustworthiness and emotionally intelligent by making them more aware about the problems faced by the others. Below are the some of the example of fortitude in public services:
    - Busting the Nexus of sand mafias and illegal miners by taking appropriate legal action against them as happened in the Tamilnadu where a collecor named Mr. Sagayam performed the outstanding duty.
    -Busting the criminal and naxalism which hampering the development of that region and country as whole as happened in Bihar where a young and dynamic officer named Mr. Shivdeep Lande performing exemplary duties.

    The virtues of Trustworthiness and Fortitude forms the basic foundation block of the Public service edifice. It helps in developing Transparent and accountable public services which are the needs of any developed society. As the country with more than billion population which are battered by the scourge of Illiteracy, malnutrition, Unemployment and poverty needs the more ethical, emotionally intelligent and responsive public servents to develop Inclusive society where the fruits of the development can be reaped by the last person also.