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Q1. Suppose you are the CEO of a company that manufactures specialized electronic equipment used by a government department. You have submitted your bid for the supply of this equipment to the department. Both the quality and cost of your offer are better than those of the competitors. Yet the concerned officer is demanding a hefty bribe for approving the tender. Getting the order is important both for you and for your company. Not getting the order would mean closing a production line. It may also affect your own career. However, as a value-conscious person, you do not want to give bribe.

Valid arguments can be advanced both for giving the bribe and getting the order, and for refusing to pay the bribe and risking the loss of the order. What those arguments could be? Could there be any better way to get out of this dilemma? If so outline the main elements of this third way, pointing out its merits. [20marks/2014/GS-4] 250 words.

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  • OpenForCriticism

    This situation is a battle between the survival and moral values. Giving the bribe is unethical. And equally important to protect owns interest but not on unethical means.
    Argument for paying of bribe:

    1) A CEO is the driver of the company, there are people depending on him. Refusal to pay bribe culminate in closure of the business line which ultimately leads job loss for its employees.

    Argument for Not Paying of Bribe:
    1)Companies found paying the bribe will be blacklisted, and the company’s reputation will go in vein. CEO will be prosecuted in the court

    2)Often bribe is paid for low quality goods and services offerings, as company produces top rated product there is no need of paying the bribe.
    3)Once the bribe given, Officer can ask more bribe in future for low quality products from other company and those products will be used in government functions can lead to public property disasters

    Come out from the dilemma:

    The CEO must make it clear to the officer that he will not pay the bribe. And record the evidences of bribery on a tape and take the officer to the court for asking the bribe. This will set the fear in other unethical officers. Success story of CEO leads to inspire others who are facing the same dilemma,

    Please review and tell what are the mistakes and what needs to be improved in above answer

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    • Neha Jha

      Hey, don’t you think that the arguments in favour which you have written has just been copied pasted directly from question itself…what about your personal view? You could have added one or two more points …arguments not paying for bribe is good…Keep writing:-) If possible, please review mine too.

      • OpenForCriticism

        Thank you for pointing it out :) .. I will take care of it in future answers

  • Neha Jha

    Please Review:

    Taking into account of matter, being a CEO, I would look at all the possible best ways before offering an bribe to the concerned officer.
    If I pay bribe to the officer:
    1) I can get the approval of my tender,which will ultimately allow me to sell the products and looking at the quality
    and cost the products offered by my company, at least equipments will be promoted well for future.
    2) Even if I compromise with the values once, the establishment of the products will give me a more market influence, so that, I can in future get approvals in the basis of my products durability.
    3) There is no any surety that he will approve my tender without any further demands.
    If I don’t pay bribe:
    1) I”ll have to bear the loss of the order which will cost me hefty sum, also I will effect the manufacturing part.
    2) I can carry my values of honesty and can fight against corruption, without even compromising .
    3) It can further effect the recruitment sections too and also, as an CEO it is the responsibility of mine to arrange the funds
    for the present employees.
    Also, there is a middle way apart from these two possibilities that I can choose is, I can complain to the higher authority in
    the same regard with evidence, so that,stern action could be taken against the concerned authority. As being the CEO is my prime responsibility to present the clear moral values of honesty to my sub-ordinates and set a good example for my colleagues.

    • OpenForCriticism

      The answer is straight to the point..

      • Neha Jha

        Thanks for the review….