12th December, 2016 (Prelims)

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Today’s 10 questions from 1988 GS-1 Prelims Paper [Questions 11-20]

To revise [Questions 01-10] refer yesterday’s post.

Q11. The characteristics of foreign tourists in one year is given in the following chart:


From this chart, the number of American tourists in the age group of 20-40 who visited during the year is

(a) 12,000

(b) 20,000

(c) 40,000

(d) 60,000


Q12. The following table shows the marks obtained by two students in different subjects:

  Student A Maximum marks Student B Maximum marks
English 60 100 80 150
Psychology 70 100 70 100
History 50 100 60 100
Sanskrit 30 50 15 25

The difference in the mean aggregate, percentage marks of the students is

(a) 2.5%

(b) 13.75%

(c) 1.25%

(d) Zero


Q13. The expenditure on the various items by two families A and B are represented in the bar charts given below:


From these charts we can conclude that,

(a) Family A spent more money on Food than Family B.

(b) Family B spent more money on Food than Family A.

(c) Family A and Family B spent same amount of money on Food.

(d) The expenditures on Food by Family A and Family B cannot be compared.


Q14. Below is a time-temperature curve of a liquid which is being heated on a gas burner. Which of the following statements can be deduced from this curve ?


(a) The liquid starts boiling at A.

(b) The heating stops at A as the gas runs out.

(c) The liquid boils off completely at A.

(d) The curve does not indicate any specific situation.


Q15. Choose the best among the following from Venn diagrams representing interrelationship among the given objects: Anti-social elements, Pickpockets and Blackmailers:


Answer: (c)


Q16. Consider:


Which of the following figures replaces I the Q mark ?


Answer: (c)


Q17 The perimeter of the circle shown in the following figure is


(a) 1988-20

(b) 1988-21

(c) 8p

(d) 16p


Q18. The graph of 2x + 3y = 12 intersects Y-axis at the point

(a) (0, 4)

(b) (0, 6)

(c) (4, 0)

(d) (6, 0)


Q19. EFGH: DEFG :: OPQR : ?

(a) PQRS

(b) NOPQ

(c) MNOP

(d) QRST


Q20. Match the columns:

List I (Forms) List II (Quantities)

A. Cusec 1. Pressure

B. Byte 2. Intensity of earthquakes

C. Richter 3. Rate of flow

D. Bar 4. Computer memory


(a) 4 1 2 3

(b) 2 4 3 1

(c) 3 4 2 1

(d) 3 2 1 4

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To revise [Questions 01-10] refer yesterday’s post.

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