13th August, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. Slums are providing low paid workers as well as cheap vending of essential commodities like vegetables and eggs. Besides, their women folk work as “Ayas” or “didis” (maid servants) in the middle class urban households, in which both men and women are working. But slums deface the beauty of the cities and spread lots of dirt and squalor in the vicinity. They are also breeding grounds and hideouts for criminals. A strong case is made by the superior authorities to remove these slums and their dwellers by force, even if it was mid-winter. You are the enforcing officer. You have the following options-

(a) You would vacate the slum by using police force without any consideration for the inclement weather and contribution which the slum dwellers make, as you think that it is paramount to implement the direction of superior authorities at any cost and in the shortest possible time.

(b) You will request your senior officers to wait till the weather become normal and an alternative place for settlement of the slum dwellers is designated with basic amenities.

(c) You will suggest your senior officers to make it compulsory for all the apartment builders to have provision of very low cost shelters for such shanty but important workers along with every apartment and allot it with the help of administration to identified workers based on some objective criteria.

(i) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all the three options mentioned above.

(ii) Which of the three is administratively expedient and prudent? Give reasons.
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