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Q1. To what extent can Germany be held responsible for causing the two World Wars? Discuss critically. [12.5marks/2015/GS-1] 200 words.

  • Umesh Sachin

    Germany should be held responsible for causing First World War because:
    1.After the end of the Franco-Prussian war, Germany quickly became the strongest industrial power in Europe, shifting the balance of power, making many surrounding countries nervous.
    2.To protect Germany and avoid a two-front war, the Triple Alliance consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, was formed.
    3.Later, due to Germany challenging Britain’s naval supremacy, the Triple Entente consisting of Britain, France, and Russia was formed which divided European powers, making them rivals.
    4.Moreover Germany began building new boats in an attempt to challenge Britain’s naval supremacy, which led to the Naval Arms Race. This resulted in the countries following a policy of militarism.
    5.Germany wanted to become the greatest colonial power and wanted to be better than Britain in all possible aspects which created competition between the two countries.

    Germany should be held responsible for causing Second World War because:
    1.The Treaty of Versailles imposed upon Germany after First World War, forced Germany to take full responsibility for the war, pay reparations to the Allied Powers, give up much of its territory, and limit its military.
    2.Hitler focused on putting an end to the Treaty of Versailles and acquiring more territory for the German people.
    3.In pursuit of these two things Germany began invading and annexing territories in Europe, and it also began to re-arm, which went against the Treaty of Versailles.
    4.Furthermore, in 1936, it sent troops to the Rhineland, which was supposed to be a “demilitarized” zone according to the treaty.
    5.It was Germany’s recurring demands which eventually forced Britain and France to declare war and caused the outbreak of the Second World War.

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