17th August, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. Gandhiji said “A free press should be neither an ally nor adversary… but a constructive critic”. Media is the bridge between the ruler and the ruled for transport of information inputs. The Media, particularly the Press, the Radio, the Television and the Cinema together or independently have the potency to either reform or deform the Society. But what is happening today? Media, that was a mission before independence, grew as a profession after independence and of late it is being criticized for becoming a business without ethics and without any social responsibility. It is because the owners of print and private electronic channels are the owners of either a business establishment or an Industrial house or a financial institution. News, naturally in the hands of these businessmen became a commodity. News, which shall be a bare fact is now angled or slanted to make it marketable news. Media wanted stories in place of plain news based on facts. Editorial has become either dictatorial or proprietorial.

(a) In the light of the given context what are the major ethical concerns for media?

(b) Do you think that media has become more of a business rather than a medium for the public to raise their outcry against injustice?

(c) What could be the possible limitations of regulation that led to such condition? [20marks] 250 words.

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