17th October, 2016 (CSAT)


1. Statement: Vehicular source contributes 60% to the total pollution level of Delhi, an informed in the Rajya Sabha today.

Which of the following conclusion follow:

(a) The court has ordered that the main source of pollution should be identified.

(b) The problem of pollution is high in the work list.

(c) In the other cities also, vehicular source contributes around the same percentage level of pollution.

(d) This matter was raised first in the Lok Sabha.


2. Examine the following statements:

1. None but the rich can afford air-travel.

2. Some of those who travel by air become sick.

3. Some of those who become sick require treatment.

Which one of the following conclusions can be drawn from the above statements?

(a) All the rich persons travel by air.

(b) Those who travel by air become sick.

(c) All the rich persons become sick.

(d) All those who travel by air are rich

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