18th December, 2016 (CSAT)


1. Four youngmen Raj, Prem, Ved and Ashok are friendly with four girls Sushma, Kushum , Vimla and Poonam.

Sushma and Vimla are friends.

Ved’s girl friend does not like Sushma and Vimla.

Kusum does not care for Ved.

Prem’s girl friend with Sushma. Sushma does not like Raj.

With whom is Sushma friendly?

(a) Raj

(b) Prem

(c) Ved

(d) Ashok


2. In three coloured boxes – Red, Green and Blue, 108 balls are placed. There are twice as many balls in the green and red boxes combined as there are in the blue box and twice as many in the blue box as there are in the red box. How many balls are there in the green box?

(a) 18

(b) 36

(c) 45

(d) 54

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