20th January, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. A new Indian Police Service incumbent, after completion of his training, has joined first posting in a district.

(i) Some influential people, outside his office as well as subordinates in his office come to meet him and offer him valuable gifts as a welcome gesture.

(ii) He has also been told by his subordinates that, there is a channel of money collection by the police of the area from commercial vehicles, shanty vendors and shopkeepers as well as spurious liquor lobby, etc., share of which would automatically reach to the new officer. This money is unaccounted and does not go to the establishment.

(a) The officer is in dilemma. Whether he should accept the gifts as a welcome gesture from influential people outside the office or only from his official colleagues or from both?

(b) What would be professionally and ethically correct decision for him.

[20marks] 250 words.

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