22nd January, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. Two different kinds of attitudes exhibited by public servants towards their work have been identified as bureaucratic attitude and the democratic attitude.

(a) Distinguish between these two terms and write their merits and demerits.

(b) Is it possible to balance the two to create a better administration for the faster development of our country?

[10marks/2015/GS-4] 150 words.

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  • Preeti Fci

    Democratic attitude: It is an attitude that treats everyone equally.
    Merits: It stands for the development of the human spirit and free expression of the human mind.
    Demerits: Self-interest is generally predominant and people are unwilling to subordinate it to the general will of the community.

    Bureaucratic attitude: It is focused more on administrative procedure than common sense.
    Merits: It encourages a culture focused on rules and standards.
    Demerits: It is less adaptable to changing conditions in the marketplace, industry or legal environment.

    1.Today bribery, corruption, and nepotism are deterring the functioning of the Indian governance.
    2.The inherent complexity and interdependence of these issues requires the support of a large number of talented and dedicated public servants.
    3.Their capacity and willingness to perform their duties cannot be taken for granted: no bureaucracy can, in principle, be solely designed on democratic principles.
    4.Good public administration requires a healthy balance between democratic and bureaucratic attitude of public servants as they need to be able to act quickly and efficiently in order to accomplish the missions assigned to them thus spurring the country towards growth and development.

    • http://shashidthakur.com/ Shashi Thakur

      good try, though you crossed word limit. Would like to praise UPSC for framing such type of questions which appear simple but aren’t.

      • Preeti Fci

        totally agreed. this question isn’t simple. tried a lot but couldn’t manage the word limit. even at some places I am quiet dissatisfied with the answer. but this was the best i could manage.

        • http://shashidthakur.com/ Shashi Thakur

          keep up the spirirt. you are doing great.

          • Preeti Fci