22nd November, 2016 (CSAT)


1. There are some balls of red, green and yellow colour lying on a table. There are as many red balls as there are yellow balls. There are twice as many yellow balls as there are green ones. The number of red balls.

(a) is equal to the sum of yellow and green balls

(b) is double the number of green balls.

(c) is equal to yellow balls minus green balls.

(d) cannot be ascertained.


2. If Sohan, while selling two goats at the same price, makes a profit of 10% on one goat and suffers a loss of 10% on the other

(a) he makes no profit and no loss.

(b) he makes a profit of 1%.

(c) he suffers a loss of 1%.

(d) he suffers a loss of 2%.

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