22nd November, 2016 (Prelims)

Revise 10 questions everyday from Prelims Past Papers (2015 to 1979)

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Today’s 10 questions from 1990 GS-1 Prelims Paper [Questions 111 to 120]

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Directions: Qs111 and 112 are based on the table given below. The table shows percentages of the total population (age-wise) of a given town with a total population of two lakhs (200,000). Study the table carefully and then answer these Qs.

Age group Percentage
Below 15 28%
16 to 25 16%
26 to 35 15%
36 to 45 14%
46 to 55 13%
56 and above Rest


Q111. If due to an epidemic, affecting children and youth, 10% of those below 15 and 5%of those between 16 and 25 die, then the total number of deaths in the town would be

(a) 3600

(b) 4400

(c) 7200

(d) 8800


Q112. The number of persons of 46 years of age or more in the town is

(a) 54000

(b) 46000

(c) 27000

(d) Not determinable from the given data


Q113. If A, B, C, D are numbers in- increasing order and D, B, E are numbers in decreasing order, then which one of the following sequences need neither be in a decreasing nor in an increasing order ?

(a) E, C, D

(b) E, B, C

(c) A, E, C

(d) D, B, A


Q114. Examine the following statements:

1. Lady’s finger is tastier than cabbage.

2. Cauliflower is tastier than lady’s finger.

3. Cabbage is not tastier than peas.

The conclusion that can be drawn from these statements is that

(a) Peas are as tasty as lady’s finger.

(b) Peas are as tasty as cauliflower and lady’s finger.

(c) Cabbage is the least tasty of the four vegetables.

(d) Cauliflower is tastier than cabbage.


Q115. The three diagrams given below follow a certain order. The correct diagram to follow these three in that order is









Q116. Judaism and Christianity arose in

(a) Palestine

(b) Rome

(c) Egypt

(d) Iran


Q117. The Stone Age people had the first domestic

(a) Asses

(b) Dogs

(c) Horses

(d) Sheep


Q118. When compared to the mammals, birds are less sensitive to temporary deprivation of water, because

(a) The water requirement per unit weight is less in birds than in mammals.

(b) Absorption of water from the gut is more efficient in birds than in mammals.

(c) Urea excretion in mammals entails a greater loss of water than that in birds.

(d) None of these


Q119. A famous painting was sold for nearly Rs. 10 lakh in the auction held in Bombay in 1989. The artist was

(a) Anjoli Ela Menon

(b) Satish Gujral

(c) Ganesh Pyne

(d) Maqbool Fida Hussain


Q120. Which one of the following can be classified as a “Pratiloma Marriage”?

(a) A Brahmin girl marrying a Sudra boy

(b) A Sudra girl marrying a Brahmin boy

(c) A Brahmin girl marrying a Brahmin boy

(d) None of these

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