23rd August, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. What are the salient features of the Consumer Protection (Amendment) Bill, 2011 introduced in the Lok Sabha in December 2011? [15marks/2012/GS-2] 150 words.

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    It seeks to amend Consumer protection Act, 1986
    The Bill defines unfair contract to include a contract which has one or more of the following clauses (a) excessive security deposit; (b) imposition of disproportionate penalty; (c) refusal to accept early repayment of debt and; (d) termination of contract without reasonable cause.
    Under the Bill unfair trade practice includes a (i) a failure to take back the goods or withdraw the services within a period of 30 days after the receipt of the goods by the consumer; and (ii) disclosure of confidential personal information.
    It proposes to make provision in the law to permit consumers to file complaints as well as pay fee online
    In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, consumer disputes redressal agencies have been set up at the 629 districts, 35 state and national levels to render simple, inexpensive and speedy justice to consumers. The proposed changes in the Act includes making provision that an order of the District Forum/State Commission/ National Commission will be enforced as a decree of a Civil Court
    The penalty imposed shall not be less than Rs 500 or 50 percent of the value of the order whichever is higher
    The Bill also gives the District Forum, State Commission or the National Commission the power to attach the property of the defaulting person.