23rd January, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. Critically examine whether growing population is the cause of poverty OR poverty is the main cause of population increase in India.

[12.5marks/2015/GS-1] 200 words.

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  • Ashi Agarwal

    1.Economists argue that the relationship between growing population and poverty is circular and each impacts the other. However, the root cause of the both the problems is lack of access to education and health care.
    2.In many villages, the costs of books and other fees prevents many families from sending their children to schools.
    3.Without access to education, the poor have few job prospects outside manual labour and subsistence farming. Wages are low and often inadequate to meet basic needs.
    4.Low wages mean that families cannot afford enough nutritious food. This results in malnourished mothers who are more likely to give birth to premature or low-weight babies lagging in physical and mental development.
    5.The result of poor nutrition is higher rates of mortality for mothers and children alike. Surviving children are weaker and lack energy which reduces the ability to work and learn, even if the children are fortunate enough to go to school.
    6.Without a good education, children have few job choices aside from manual labour or subsistence farming.
    7.People who are dependent on subsistence farming are likely to have more children to provide much-needed labour and income thus causing growth in population.
    8.The poverty-population cycle is repeated again as the next generation too has lack of access to health care and education.

    • http://shashidthakur.com/ Shashi Thakur

      214 words!!! good job. good way to begin the answer.

      • Ashi Agarwal

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