24th January, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. While implementing Centrally and State Sponsored Development Programmes a Civil Servant faces lot of interference from the local political leaders to oblige certain

contractors and service providers who do not qualify the required eligibility criteria on the one hand and moreover uses substandard material in construction and provide poor quality of service on the other. He finds it immensely difficult to keep his neutrality and do what is best in the public interest. He is very disturbed. He thinks on the following options:

(a) He informs the senior officers, but every time he does so, he finds that somehow

they are not ready to annoy the local influential politicians. He thinks about taking up the issue with the further higher up officers in the hierarchy.

(b) He thinks about meeting the media people and tell them about the difficulties faced by him due to political interference and lack of support from the senior officers.

(c) Resign from his post as public servant and fight against such malpractices from outside.

Evaluate every option before him and suggest which of the above stated course of action is the best? [20marks] 250 words.

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