25th March, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. Scientific research in Indian universities is declining, because a career in science is not as attractive as our business operations, engineering or administration, and the universities are becoming consumer oriented. Critically comment.
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  • Aniruddh Shrivastava

    We have had no Nobel Prize winner since C V Raman in 1930, no highly Shanghai-ranked university, no miracle drug for a tropical disease and no sequencing of the rice genome.These disappointing words depict the picture of Scientific research condition in India.

    Historically, it all started with Nehruvian policy of socialist development, wherein, though basic science was given importance but individual funding and promotion of financial incentives for research was totally absent. In the course of time,because of societal money oriented ideology people’s mindsets have also changed.Careers that promise lucrative employment are more attractive than doing research in labs that offer no incentives.

    According to India’s first national science survey, 60 per cent of science post graduates and nearly 20 per cent of science doctorates are unemployed. IITs and IIMs are increasing in number every year but notion of encouragement and development in field of science is missing.

    However,situation is not all gloomy as signals of transformation is visible. The Indian government has recently set up the Indian institute of science and research, which are aimed at focusing on coupling UG education with research.Also, the government has recently set up some world class laboratory facilities like the nanotechnology lab and the neutrino observatory.

    Though technological advancement is a must but if science must improve in India, we need to strengthen the base rather than waste money on cosmetic changes at the top.

    • Neha Jha

      Well written Sir.
      But, I feel question demands why research is declining compared to the other counterparts like buisness etc.Need more points for this. May be I could be wrong in understanding this. Rest, Sir will explain that.

      P.S: If possible please review mine too.

  • Neha Jha

    Please Review:

    Even after the IITs, IISC, IIMs and many more qualified research institutes, business operations, engineering is preferred over scientific
    research. Also, UGC offers the JRF fellowship to the students but the participation is very less.
    Scientific research is declining as:
    1. Due to low investment of Research and Development programme and funding by government.
    2. Parents expects very high from their children, due to which the children lacks their interest for further studies and students
    chooses a settled career.
    3. The low quality of education offered by the universities. We are still lacking far behind compared to the rest of the world.
    4. Lack of technological advancement in the universities.
    5. Others sector are well paid jobs compared to this.
    Scientific research is not declining :
    1. Mars Orbital Mission , the first of its type indigeniously prepared by ISRO scientist shows that the scientific research by our scientist
    is not declining.
    2. Recently, the fifth navigation was satellite launched and more are awaited by Indian space scientists.
    3. Government is establishing more number of IITs, so that students can further study for their post degree,
    There is an urgent need to upgrade the research field by the Indian Universities if we really want to increase in the global ranking.For this more emphasis on the technological advancement, quality education is needed and the stipend should be provided to encourage the students for higher education.So,brain drain will decrease and will ultimately contribute to our economy.

    • Aniruddh Shrivastava

      Very well framed answer within word limit.

      However, I think,The Mars Orbital Mission Point, initially looked innovative, doesn’t fulfill the demand of question.Level of scientific research in universities is somewhere different from records established by national organisations like ISRO and DRDO. But I am not sure.

      Rest is fine.

      Thanks for reviewing.

      • Neha Jha

        Thanks for the review. I thought the record established by the Indian organisations is the result of the students pursuing for the research subjects. May be, I should not have included that.