26th April, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. How illegal trans-border migration does pose a threat to India’s security? Discuss the strategies to curb this, bring out the factors which give impetus to such migration.
[12.5marks/2014/GS-3] 200 words.

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  • satu

    trans-border migration poses many threats to indias security for ex. terrorist activities, smuggling of drugs and animals,criminal activities, etc.
    by way of illegal migration many terrorist groups and organisation can continue their destructive activities instead of the cautious measures adopted by our govt. in other way they can collect important info. about our strategic locations and military activities.we have seen this kind of scenario in mumbai blast case where gorge hadley a member of an militant outfit group made his plans to attack india. one of the dangers of this illegal migration is the growing intolerance b/w the citizens of our country because of unemployment, lack of resources, crimes, destruction of their culture by those who migrate from other lands.
    there are many ways by which it can be curbed:
    *govt. can construct proper boundaries and wiring them properly
    *govt. can set up the force where there is a problem of migration
    *it can set up a commission to know the proper facts and act accordingly
    * it can have pact with other countries govt, one like the pact with bangladesh
    *regulation of cross border trade and services

    the factors which gives impetus to such migration are:
    *no proper boundaries
    *no rules and regulation
    *dilapidated relations with other nations
    *tolerance towards such activities