26th December, 2016 (Prelims)

Revise 10 questions everyday from Prelims Past Papers (2015 to 1979)

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Today’s 10 questions from 1987 GS-1 Prelims Paper [Questions 01-10]

Q1. Which of the following pairs is correct ?

(a) IDBI – Short-term financing

(b) NABARD – Industrial financing

(c) RBI – Long-term financing

(d) RRB – Dispensing rural credit


Q2. Match the columns :

(A) Otitis                (i) Throat

(B) Encephalitis  (ii) Ear

(C) Laryngitis     (iii) Liver

(D) Hepatitis      (iv) Brain

(v) Kidney

(a) A-(i) B-(ii) C-(iii) D-(iv)

(b) A-(iv) B-(iii) C-(i) D-(ii)

(c) A-(ii) B-(iv) C-(i) D-(iii)

(d) A-(iii) B-(iv) C-(i) D-(ii)


Q.3 Match the columns :

(A) M. S. Swaminathan        (i) Author

(B) Mulk Raj Anand              (ii) Scientist

(C) A. P. Venkateshwaran   (iii) Diplomat

(D) J. D. Sethi                          (iv) Painter

(v) Economist

(a) A-(ii) B-(i) C-(iii) D-(v)

(b) A-(i) B-(iii) C-(ii) D-(iv)

(c) A-(v) B-(ii) C-(i) D-(iii)

(d) A-(iii) B-(iv) C-(v) D-(i)


Q4. Match the columns :

(A) Namdeva          (i) West Bengal

(B) Chaitanaya       (ii) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Surdas               (iii) Maharashtra

(D) Nanak                (iv) Punjab

(a) A-(iii) B-(i) C-(ii) D-(iv)

(b) A-(ii) B-(iii) C-(iv) D-(i)

(c) A-(iv) B-(ii) C-(i) D-(iii)

(d) A-(i) B-(iv) C-(iii) D-(ii)


Q5. Match the columns :

(A) M. N. Roy                                  (i) Swarajist Party

(B) C. R. Dass                                  (ii) Hindustan Socialist Republican Association

(C) Chandra Shekhar Azad        (iii) Congress Socialist Party

(D) Acharya Narendra Dev        (iv) Communist International

(a) A-(iv) B-(i) C-(ii) D-(iii)

(b) A-(ii) B-(iii) C-(i) D-(iv)

(c) A-(iii) B-(ii) C-(iv) D-(i)

(d) A-(iv) B-(iii) C-(ii) D-(i)


Q6. Match the columns :

(A) Roaper                     (i) Informs about Mauryan Empire

(B) Kumarahar            (ii) Treaty of alliance between Bentinck and Ranjit Singh

(C) Aihole                      (iii) Staute of Lord Bahubali

(D) Shravan Belgola  (iv) Sites of Chalukyan architecture

(a) A-(i) B-(ii) C-(iii) D-(iv)

(b) A-(iv) B-(ii) C-(iii) D-(i)

(c) A-(ii) B-(i) C-(iv) D-(iii)

(d) A-(ii) B-(iii) C-(i) D-(iv)


Q7. Match the columns :

(A) Uma Shankar Joshi                   (i) Gujarati

(B) Ashapoorna Devi                        (ii) Telugu

(C) Dattatreya Bendre                      (iii) Bengali

(D) Vishwanathan Satyanarayan  (iv) Kannada

(v) Marathi

(a) A-(i) B-(iii) C-(iv) D-(ii)

(b) A-(ii) B-(i) C-(iii) D-(iv)

(c) A-(iii) B-(v) C-(ii) D-(i)

(d) A-(v) B-(iv) C-(i) D-(ii)


Q8. Which of the following pairs is correct ?

(a) Nand Lal – Dandi March

(b) Hyder Asti – Morning

(c) M. F. Hussain – Dream of Shahjehan

(d) Amrita Shergill – Sunflower


Q9. Match the columns :

(A) Groundnut (i) Leguminosae

(B) Cotton        (ii) Graminae

(C) Sugarcane  (iii) Malvaceae

(a) A-(i) B-(ii) C-(iii)

(b) A-(i) B-(iii) C-(ii)

(c) A-(ii) B-(i) C-(iii)

(d) A-(iii) B-(i) C-(ii)


Q10. India’s contribution to Mathematics includes

1. Number system

2. Decimal system

3. Concept of zero

(a) 1, 2 & 3

(b) 1 & 2

(c) 2 & 3

(d) 1 & 3

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