26th November, 2016 (Prelims)

Revise 10 questions everyday from Prelims Past Papers (2015 to 1979)

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Today’s 10 questions from 1989 GS-1 Prelims Paper [Questions 01-10]

Q1. The original name of Mahabharata was

(a) Brihit Katha

(b) Sahastra Samhita

(c) Jaya Samhita

(d) Rajatarangini


Q2. Which of the following States lies partly to the north of the Himalayas ?

(a) Himachal Pradesh

(b) Arunachal Pradesh

(c) Jammu & Kashmir

(d) Sikkim


Q3. There are more anti-bacterial drugs than anti-viral drugs because

(a) Bacterial diseases are intra-cellular.

(b) Viral diseases are intra-cellular.

(c) Virus are smaller than bacteria.

(d) Drugs can penetrate bacteria more effectively


Q4. Ina political party of 36 members, the minimum number of members needed to split for disqualifying the original political party as per Anti-Defection Law should be

(a) 9

(b) 12

(c) 18

(d) 24


Q5. A boat filled with some stones is floating in water. If the stones are dropped into the water, the level of the water will

(a) Rise

(b) Decrease

(c) Remain the same

(d) Insufficient data to predict


Q6. Total internal reflection occurs when light travels from

(a) A rarer medium to a denser medium.

(b) A denser medium to a rarer medium.

(c) A rarer medium to a denser medium and the angle of incidence is less than the critical angle.

(d) A rarer medium to a denser medium and the angle of incidence is greater than the critical angle.


Q7. Sparkling red colour after the blast of fire crackers is due to the presence of

(a) Strontium

(b) Sodium

(c) Sulphur

(d) Magnesium


Q8. The beginning of urbanisation of the Ganges from the 6th century was mainly attributed to

(a) Fertility of soil

(b) Trade improvement

(c) Population growth

(d) None of the above


Q9. The chief ingredient of the mosquito repellent cream is derived from

(a) Tulsi

(b) Neem

(c) Lemon

(d) Rice bran


Q10. The primitive tribes of Andaman are descendants of

(a) Negroids

(b) Australoids

(c) Mongoloids

(d) Caucasoids

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