27th February, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. Examine corruption as a serious development challenge in Indian Polity. [15marks/2009/GS-2] 150 words.

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  • Bipin Pandey

    Nowadays corruption have become a major issue in our country,nobody is untouched by the bad impact of corruption.now its become thinking of almost everyone that corruption have their existence almost everywhere from upper level to the lower level in our system.but the most important question is who are those person who is increasing this ? from where they belongs to ?
    the answer of first two question is that they do not belong to any other country or place ..they are our own people ..who took over this charge to serve us and our country..
    Reason of Corruption :
    1-while thinking about reason of corruption one thing that surely comes in our mind that is ‘Greed’,the hunger of greed to collect more and more money (black money)without thinking about the financial condition of the person from where we are going to collect this ,just to live a luxurious life.
    2-everybody is blaming to each other for the corruption .though we have dedicated deptt to prevent corruption and taking action against it but not taking strict action against it to send strong message to the source of corruption(People who are involved in this activity) is also one of the reason of increasing corruption
    Solution of this Problem :
    1-corruption can only be overcome if each person who is involve in it ( from upper level to level) should realize the bad impact of it on our society .as a Responsible citizen we should stand together against it and we should not support any such activity/person who is increasing it.
    2- corruption can also be reduced by promoting/accepting cashless economy because with cashless transaction there will be more transparency and not having much transparency in our system is also a major cause of increase in corruption .
    3-Govt should take some strict action against such activity/ person so that a person thinks twice before getting involve in such activity.
    4-Honesty is the best thing we can give to our society and future generation..if we all take a oath in our self to not support or involve in such activity and fulfill our responsibility with full honesty then i thing there will be no place of corruption in our society.