27th October, 2016 (Prelims)

Revise 10 questions everyday from Prelims Past Papers (2015 to 1979)

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Todays 10 questions from 1991 GS-1 Prelims Paper [Questions 01-10]

Q1 Rabies is caused by a

(a) Virus and it affects the nervous system

(b) Virus and it affects the cardiovascular system

(c) Bacteria and it affects the nervous system

(d) Bacteria and it affects the cardiovascular system


Q2 The right to Freedom of Speech in India may be restricted, if the freedom is used to

(a) Incite people to violence

(b) Propagate nationalisation of the private sector

(c) Level charges of corruption against those in power

(d) Spread superstition


Q3 A common currency for the members of the Common Market in Europe is known as

(a) Dollar

(b) Eurodollar

(c) Franc

(d) Pound


Q4 Neap tides are produced in the first and third quarters of the Moon. Then,

(a) The Moon and the Sun are in conjunction with the other planets

(b) The Moon and the Sun are in opposition with each other

(c) The attractions of the Sun and the Moon are at right angles to each other

(d) The Moon and the Sun are in quadrant position to each other


Q5 Photons have properties similar to that of

(a) Waves

(b) Particles

(c) Both particles and waves

(d) Neither particles nor waves


Q6 The thermoregulatory centre of the man body is

(a) Pituitary

(b) Skin

(c) Hypothalamus

(d) Thyroid


Q7 When the Portuguese arrived in India, the foreigners whom they encountered as trade rivals were the

(a) Persians

(b) Arabs

(c) Dutch

(d) English


Q8 Where does exchange of gases (O2 and CO2) take place in our lungs ?

(a) Alveoli

(b) Bronchi

(c) Pleura

(d) Trachea


Q9 It is said that of the five doctrines taught by Jainism four were taken over by Mahavira from previous teachers and only one was added by him. Which one of the following was the doctrine added by him ?

(a) Do not commit violence

(b) Observe continence

(c) Do not acquire property

(d) Do not speak a lie


Q10 The light from the Sun reaches the Earth in about

(a) 2 min

(b) 4 min

(c) 6 min

(d) 6 min

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