28th December, 2015 (MAINS)


Q1. Livestock rearing has a big potential for providing non- farm employment and income in rural areas. Discuss suggesting suitable measures to promote this sector in India. [12.5 marks/2015/GS-3] 200 words.

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  • KK

    Rural population in India has been facing series of problems which affect their progress and quality of life. Most significant among these problems are lack of gainful employment leading to food insecurity, illiteracy and poor health

    Livestock rearing is an integral component of Indian agriculture supporting livelihood of more than two-thirds of the rural population. Animals provide nutrient-rich food products, draught power, dung as organic manure and domestic fuel, hides & skin, and are a regular source of cash income for rural households. They are a natural capital, which can be easily reproduced to act as a living bank with offspring as interest, and an insurance against income shocks of crop failure and natural calamities.
    However, inspite of its economic importance, the performance of the livestock sector has been extremely poor, due to lack of basic amenities, availability of critical inputs and services and poor linkage with the market. Under such a situation, even these valuable assets turn into a liability and start making negative contribution to sustainable development. We are at the crossroads of livestock development and should not miss this opportunity to transform this sector to enable millions of small farmers and rural poor to earn their livelihood.

    some of the measure which should be adopted to promote this sector in india are:

    1. Genomic studies and genetic engineering for breed improvement and production of elite sires
    2. Public-private partnership for breeding, feed supply, veterinary services and processing of milk, meat and other products
    3. Promotion of clean milk production, efficient handling of milk, public-private partnership for processing of milk and meat.
    4. Development of efficient and compact user friendly biogas plants and their popularisation.
    5. Regular vaccinations, creation of disease-free zones and stamping out of major diseases;
    6. Strengthening of market value chain for milk and meat products, eliminating exploitative middlemen.
    7. Development of best livestock husbandry practices to improve production, without expanding the herd size and strong extension network to popularise these practices in the field
    The Government should incorporate these activities in the on-going schemes to enable livestock owners to adopt improved practices and boost the production and profitability of livestock husbandry in the country.

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