28th January, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. How can the role of NGOs be strengthened in India for development works relating to protection of the environment? Discuss throwing light on the major constraints. [12.5marks/2015/GS-2] 200 words.

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  • Kamlesh Twari

    Major constraints faced by NGO’s working for environmental protection:
    1.Shortage of trained personnel in the field of environment protection.
    2.Lack of research and development facilities.
    3.Financial constraints.
    4.Lack of cooperation from the governmental agencies.
    5.Difficulties in the mobility, on account of lack of transport facilities.
    6.Environmental NGOs are facing a credibility crisis with a number of cases of embezzlement and scandals involving some of them coming to the fore.

    Ways to strengthen the role of these NGO’s:
    1.Elements such as RTI, PIL, media in collaboration with government and Industry if used potently will help these NGO’s effectively meet their environmental objectives.
    2.Make available and accessible to NGO’s the data and information necessary for their effective contribution to research and to the design, implementation and evaluation of environmental programmes.
    3.Involve NGO’s in national mechanisms or procedures established to carry out environmental development making the best use of their particular capacities.
    4.Encourage and enable partnership and dialogue between local NGO’s and local authorities in activities aimed at environmental development.
    5.Support the NGOs financially which are rendering service to the environment sector.
    6.Motivate research on different measures to be taken to solve the environmental problems.

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