29th February, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. Discuss the impediments India is facing in its pursuit of a permanent seat in UN Security Council.

[12.5marks/2015/GS-2] 200 words.

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  • Aniruddh Shrivastava

    1.Expansion of United Nations Security Council basically means amendment in UN Charter by ratification through constitutional process. To get permanent membership of UNSC, India needs majority of 2/3 member nations in favor and affirmation of Permanent members United states of America,France,United Kingdom,China,Russia.

    Even after getting affirmation of 5Ps, India still needs 2/3 majority of member nations to get permanent membership.There are countries which are against its membership including Pakistan. Still a long row to hoe.

    2.Since Procedure follows a criteria based approach under which potential members must be supremely well qualified, based on factors such as: economic size, population, military capacity, commitment to democracy and human rights, financial contributions to the UN, contributions to UN peacekeeping, and record on counter terrorism and nonproliferation.

    India, despite being largest supplier of troops for UN peacekeeping missions and economically vibrant,has not been a big financial contributor and lagging behind Brazil,Japan and Germany.

    Moreover, India has not signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

    3.Though India’s bid is backed by United States verbally during bilateral talks, America’s lethargy reflects the reality that, rhetoric aside, U.S. leaders aren’t convinced that council reform is in the national interest.

    4.Despite being rival of India and having close ties with Pakistan,China has expressed its support for Indian candidacy as a permanent member of the Security Council if India revoked its support for Japanese candidacy,which India can’t.

    5. Text based negotiations commenced in 70th UNGA session, still it is not a mature or finalised official document.

    • Umesh Sachin

      nicely written answer bro.