29th March, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. Can overuse and the availability of antibiotics without doctor’s prescription, the contributors to the emergence of drug-resistant diseases in India? What are the available mechanisms for monitoring and control? Critically discuss the various issues involved.
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  • Neha Jha

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    Recently Indian government has banned 344 drugs including Vicks Action 500 and Nicip commonly used by the citizens
    without any medical prescriptions. The lack of awareness among people regarding the side effects of these medicines due to easy availability is one of the major factor causing the emergence of drug-resistant diseases in India. People are not aware that due to there
    overuse the bacteria present in the body creates an immunity whichlater creates the threats in the long run. One of the recent example is awareness program by the well known celebrity regarding the TB and its complete medical treatment.

    Available mechanism for monitoring and control:
    1) The Drug Controller General of India is putting in place a mechanism that will monitor the sale of antibiotics in pharmacies with prescriptions.
    2) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should alter its policies on antibiotic advertising to help reduce inappropriate uses
    of antibiotics.
    3) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare taking initiative for the use of antibiotics.

    Following the strict enforcement of policies like not selling the antibiotics without any medical prescriptions and taking help of the visual as well as audio media to aware the people and prescribing antibiotics when needed by the doctors will help in curbing the overuse of antibiotics will lead to decrease the immunity of bacteria.