30th December, 2016 (CSAT)



Is it frivolous to make or talk about theatre while people are dying in Gaza? That was one of the issues raised at last weekend’s Devoted and Disgruntled, particularly as Saturday’s sessions coincided with the demonstration against Israel’s actions in Gaza. As one disgruntled theatre-maker observed: “I want to feel useful, not decorative.” As those of us who marched against the invasion of Iraq know all too well, demonstrating in a democracy often changes nothing.

1. It can be inferred from the above paragraph that

(a) Demonstrations are useless in a democracy.

(b) Talking about entertainment during a calamity does not appeal to some.

(c) Theatre is an activity which is decorative.

(d) Theatre people were up in arms against the Government during the Iraq invasion.



The creation of VSLAs should please the Ugandan finance minister. Ugandans save barely 10% of the GDP, Ezra Suruma complained in his national budget speech in June last year, compared to 30% in other emerging economies. “I call upon all Ugandans to save a part of their income, no matter how small,” the minister said. “Research all over the world has shown conclusively that poor people can, and do, save. Savings is the proven route to get out of poverty.”

2. The assumption in Ezra’s argument is that

(a) Even rich Ugandans do not save a part of their income.

(b) Ugandans do not save in spite of being aware of the benefits of savings.

(c) Even the poorest in Uganda have the capacity to save.

(d) the number of poor people in Uganda is more than the number of rich people.

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