30th March, 2016 (MAINS)


Q1. Now-a-days, there is an increasing thrust on economic development all around the globe. At the same time, there is also an increasing concern about environmental degradation caused by development. Many a time, we face a direct conflict between developmental activity and environmental quality. It is neither feasible to stop or curtail the development process, nor it is advisable to keep degrading the environment, as it threatens our very survival.

Discuss some feasible strategies which could be adopted to eliminate this conflict and which could lead to sustainable development.

[20marks/2014/GS-4] 250 words.

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  • Neha Jha

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    With the progress in the nation and trying to include every person for the contribution in the economy throughout the world, the concern
    regarding the environment is decreasing. Many social movement like Narmada Bachao Andolan in Narmada river ,Opposing
    Posco project in Odisha were held to detain the industrial works harming the mother nature. The UNCED also emphasized on the sustainable development so that with the development in the economy the awareness regarding the natural environment be given by the
    countries especially the Green House Gases which is one of the main contributor in the climate change.

    Although, some development is leading to harm the environment, it is also necessary that the projects should be established for improving
    the living standards of the country by eliminating the poverty, providing employment to the unemployed by using certain feasible strategies like:
    1. Following the environmental norms strictly by decreasing the rampant corruption in bureaucracy. There are many cases in which Ministry of Environment has given a clear nod for the dubious project.
    2. In the urban and metro cities, due to large number of opportunities the migration of the people within country is increasing
    leading to more stress in the private vehicles creating the air pollution. Awareness to be made for encouraging the citizens to use public transport and also, creating the rural opportunities.
    3. Encouraging farmers to opt for the organic farming. As the modern farming techniques decrease the quality of the soil due to use of excessive fertilizers and pesticides. Recently, Sikkim has done a credibly achieved the organic farming status state in India.

    The economic growth including sustainable development should be an approach for the developing or developed countries for decreasing the threat of our survival.

  • ramraghuwanshi

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