30th November, 2015 (MAINS)


Q1. All human beings aspire for happiness. Do you agree? What does happiness mean to you? Explain with examples. [10marks/2014/GS-4] 150 words.

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  • Sooraj Mehra

    I do agree with the statement that “All human beings aspire for happiness”. Even Dalai Lama has said that the purpose of life is to be
    happy. From the moment of birth, every human being wants happiness and does not want suffering.

    Neither social conditioning nor education nor ideology affect this. From the very core of our being, we simply desire pleasure and
    contentment. We humans who live on this earth face the task of making a happy life for ourselves.

    Therefore, it is important to discover what will bring about the greatest degree of happiness.

    Happiness to me means an exciting feeling, a feeling of satisfaction, peace and contentment which one gets for example; when India
    beats Pakistan in a world cup match after every four years.

    A woman may become happy if she sees her new born for the first time. A student expecting failure in exams may become happy
    if he accidentally passes in the examination.

    • Deepak Tomar

      mention some quotes also, you can get some more marks.

  • Neha Jha

    Every human beings with their good or bad deed aspire for happiness. For some it means wealth, for some it means fame and for some it means living life without regrets. Every living creature has their own parameters for happiness.

    For me, happiness means crave to fulfill the dream of my own which includes benefiting the maximum mass of the society along with the decreased effects on the lives of others and than comes the satisfied eyes of parents,siblings feeling proud of me and I am worthy for society. For me, happiness means contributing something to the needy as much as I can do it.

    1)Offering the food to needy, instead of just offering money.
    2) Studying hard to make my parents happy with my results for their hard earned money and support.
    3)Cooking food of my siblings choice, and attempting new cuisine.

    I believe, someone can’t bring happiness to whole society but everyone could make a small effort to bring the change and make everyone happy.

    • Shashank Garg

      The degree of subjectivity is very high in questions of paper IV. I’ll try to give my honest opinion, to which you may or may not agree.
      A) I think the use of first person should be minimized, even though the question asks for “your” opinion/definition expressing in 3rd person sounds better. (we do the same for other papers, when question asks “your” views). Using first person sounds a bit “self centered”
      B) It would be better if we try to give a bit broad definitions, that is, encompassing other’s happiness, like rather than “I am happy by giving food” using “I am happy with seeing the beggar satiated” gives a grander outlook.
      Overall nice answer. Ponder over my views and let me know what do you think.
      Review my answer too. :)

      • Neha Jha

        Thanks a lot…for the genuine feedback. it was of great help..My ethics is poor, need improvement in this paper. Don’t had this much clarity before…and I never tried to experiment much in this paper…Earlier I used to present my answers in a very personalized manner and presented it raw ( I now realise, after your feedback) …the new way clarified my perception of dealing these answers. I”ll take care of it, in my next answers.

        • Shashank Garg


  • Shashank Garg

    Happiness is the state of contentment. Though external factors can have some impact on one’s state of happiness; coming to terms with one’s surroundings and striving hard for improve them for the whole world is true definition of happiness for me.

    True happiness is what a teachers experience on seeing their students succeed. The feeling of being part in development process of others and thereby improving the world a bit is happiness in true sense.

    Happiness is an end as well as means. Perceiving happiness as the result of some other event often results in unhappiness. To be happy forever one has to feel happy from within. It will be the feeling of eternal bliss.

    People with varied levels of material, social and social well-being celebrate festivals in their own ways and share whatever they have to make their happiness merge into bliss of entire community.

    • Neha Jha

      Answer is really good, quite simple and easy to understand…Conclusion could have been better.*striving hard for improve – striving hard to improve.
      Please clear my doubt, as question is asking for example …. what I understood from your answer is that you have expressed is “your feeling” and I doubt to consider it as an example. As what I am getting right now is, feeling and examples to express your feeling are two different things. Am I wrong?

      • Shashank Garg

        Hi, I was a bit unwell so didn’t replied.
        “The question asks what happiness means to you. Explain with examples”, I think we can take the liberty to exploit examples from other’s lives to explain our definition of happiness. My answer give a subtle example in form of happiness of teachers.
        Though the example can be personalized by adding “I derived immense happiness by being part of learning process of poor kids who lived in slum near my house” instead of using “teachers experience”.
        I think the examples that people use in such answers will be almost alike. Someone is giving food, someone is teaching, someone is helping a blind person cross the road. Showing your thought process as to why it made you happy gives you and edge and makes your answer shine.

        • Neha Jha

          Extremely Sorry, Due to college assignments,I could not attempt questions for past days…will resume tomorrow.