30th October, 2016 (Prelims)

Revise 10 questions everyday from Prelims Past Papers (2015 to 1979)

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Todays 10 questions from 1991 GS-1 Prelims Paper [Questions 31 to 40]

To revise [Questions 21-30] refer yesterday’s post.

Q31 A passing motorcycle causes distortion or disturbance with reception of signal in radio and T.V. The cause of this is

(a) The intense sound waves effect the small electronic devices of the receptor

(b) The vehicle’s metal parts block/distort the radio waves

(c) The spark plug fitted in the engine produces electro-magnetic signals due to sparking

(d) Modern motor-cycles are fitted with electric ignition system which produces radio waves


Q32 Which one of the following statements is true ?

(a) Union Territories are not represented in the Rajya Sabha

(b) Jurisdiction regarding election disputes rests with the Chief Election Commissioner

(c) Jnaneshwar — BengaliThe Speaker continues in his post even after the state council is dissolved till a new speaker is elected by the succeeding state council

(d) According to the Indian Constitution Parliament consists of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha only


Q33 In which of the following products has Bangladesh emerged as the main competitor to India in the world market ?

(a) Cotton garments

(b) Jute

(c) Cement

(d) Pharmaceuticals


Q34 In India political parties are given recognition by

(a) President

(b) Law Commission

(c) Speaker of Lok Sabha

(d) Election Commission


Q35 The main watchdog of international trade is

(a) IMF

(b) World Bank

(c) GATT

(d) IFC


Q36 The data collection for national income estimation in India is done by

(a) National Sample Survey Organisation

(b) Finance Ministry of the Govt. of India

(c) Central Statistical Institute/Organisation

(d) Indian Statistical Institute


Q37 Of the various sources of income to the Gram Panchayats, one source is

(a) Income tax

(b) Sales tax

(c) Professional tax

(d) Levy duties


Q38 Which of the following metals is extracted from the Monazite sand found in plenty in India ?

(a) Gold

(b) Uranium

(c) Thorium

(d) Copper


Q39 Of the following cities, in which city have the Olympic Games been held twice?

I. Paris

II. Berlin

III. London

IV. Seoul

(a) Only I

(b) I and II

(c) III and IV

(d) I and III


Q40 The appointment of the Judges of Supreme Court is done by

(a) The Prime Minister on the advice of the Union Cabinet

(b) The President in consultation with the Chief Justice of India

(c) The Prime Minister in consultation with the Chief Justice

(d) The President in consultation with the Law Commission of India

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To revise [Questions 21-30] refer yesterday’s post.

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