30th September, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. State the four distinctive stages of Indian Demographic history. [10marks/2003/GS-1] 125 words.

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  • Sarkar S

    The four distinctive stages of Indian demographic history are as follows:
    1. Period of stagnant population: During 1901-1921 India witnessed a slow growth in population, this was because of high mortality rate which counterbalanced the high birth rate.
    2Period of steady growth: During 1921-1951 Indian population increased at a steady rate of more than 1% per year, this was because of reduction in death rate due to better infrastructure, medicine and sanitation.
    3.Period of rapid high growth: During 1951-1981 India witnessed high growth rate of over 2%. This is also known as period of population explosion
    4.Period of high growth with definite signs of slowing down: Since 1981, India witnessed a decrease in growth rate from 2.22% in 1981, it came down to 2.14% in 1994 and further to 1.95% and 1.64% in 2001 and 2011 respectively though it is higher than global average of 1.23%, still it has definite signs of slowing down.