31st October, 2016 (Prelims)

Revise 10 questions everyday from Prelims Past Papers (2015 to 1979)

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Todays 10 questions from 1991 GS-1 Prelims Paper [Questions 41 to 50]

To revise [Questions 31-40] refer yesterday’s post.

 Q41 Which one of the following can be prorogued but cannot be dissolved ?

(a) Rajya Sabha

(b) State Council

(c) Municipal Corporation

(d) Governing Council in a Union Territory


Q42 Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched ?

(a) Nawgaon — Maharashtra

(b) Palamau — Gujarat

(c) Gir — Madhya Pradesh

(d) Amravati — West Bengal


Q43 To elect the President of India which one of the following election procedures is used?

(a) System of proportional representation by means of a single transferable vote

(b) Proportional representation through list system

(c) Collective voting system

(d) Secondary voting system


Q44 Below, data regarding cultivation of a particular type of crop in four States/Union Territories of India is given. Of the following which is this cultivated crop?

State/Union Territory – Area under cultivation (million hectares)

Kerala – 108 million hectares

Tamil Nadu – 8 million hectares

Karnataka – 2 million hectares

Andaman & Nicobar Islands – 0.8 million hectares

(a) Coffee

(b) Tea

(c) Rubber

(d) Rice


Q45 Indus valley civilisation is also known as the Harappan culture because

(a) The site of Harappa is six times larger than Mohenjodaro site

(b) The Indus valley civilisation is considered the elementary/initial stage of the Vedic culture and Harappa is believed to be the same as Harappa mentioned in the Vedas

(c) Harappa was the first site to be excavated in the Indus valley

(d) The most important/significant evidence of the achievements of this civilisation have been excavated from Harappa


Q46 Some medicines are given in the form of capsules. The capsules are made of

(a) Paper

(b) Gelatinous material

(c) Embryonic tissue

(d) Starch


Q47 Which one of the following does not indicate the difference between Mahayanism and Hinayanism ?

(a) Belief in the Bodhisattvas

(b) Worship of the image of Buddha

(c) Use of the Sanskrit language

(d) Admission of women into the monasteries


Q48 Which one of the following techniques has helped to solve many mysteries involving murders, robberies and rapes ?

(a) Gene splicing

(b) Computer tomography

(c) DNA fingerprinting

(d) Gene cloning


Q49 Which one of the following diseases is least infectious ?

(a) Leprosy

(b) Tuberculosis

(c) Conjunctivitis

(d) Hepatitis


Q 50 The Panchayati Raj was first introduced in the States of Rajasthan and

(a) Andhra Pradesh

(b) Bihar

(c) Gujarat

(d) Orissa

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To revise [Questions 31-40] refer yesterday’s post.

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